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SIMAGES: The NASAGA Newsletter

Volume 14 Issue 2

From the Chair | Simages…


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NASAGA 2014 Join in our Online Goosechase Pre-conference!

A special Open Online NASAGA 2014 Pre-Conference Invitation.


Thanks to all of you who have already registered for NASAGA 2014 next month in Baltimore. I’m still hoping to see more of you there. You will love the people and the content. It’s a unique gathering. Even if you can't join us you get a taste of the conference through our pre-conference activity.

My friend John Chen, one of the …


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From the Chair | August Simages 2014

From the Chair

By Anastasia Salter

I recently introduced a new group of gamers to Resistance, a card game, and we played many rounds during late-night gaming sessions at the NASAGA conference in Sarasota last year. Our game quickly turned to shouting and scheming as we negotiated the power dynamics of hypothetical revolution and betrayal. These enduring game mechanics of Resistance serve as a prompt for social machinations and manipulations, and the resulting…


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2014 Conference Highlights | Simages August 2014

Highlights of the 2014 Conference

By Anastasia Salter

With summer upon us, the NASAGA conference crew is gearing up and getting ready to welcome you to Baltimore October 8 through 11, 2014. We’re thrilled to have received session proposals from a range of designers, trainers, and educators, including both people new to NASAGA and familiar voices from our community. Expect a conference filled with new games, improvisation, participant-driven unconference dialogues, and…


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Becoming a Virtual Presenter | Simages August 2014

Becoming a “Virtual Presenter”

By Stephanie Pollack, et al

At NASAGA’s 2013 conference in Sarasota, FL, Stephanie Pollack and a group of students led a workshop from their base in Singapore.  By blending a recorded video presentation with on-site facilitation, the group was able to offer a highly interactive learning experience for conference participants about the importance of appreciation in organizations. …


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Keep the River Flowing | Simages August 2014

Keep the River Flowing:

Creating a Board Game at the 2013 NASAGA Conference

By Jo Ann Froman

NASAGA’s 2013 conference Play by Design: a Bridge to Learning was held in my home town of Sarasota, Florida. As the Director of Learning and Development for Goodwill Manasota, Inc. based in Sarasota, Florida, I was very excited to have my team attend the conference.  

For several years, our team had discussed designing a game for our employees that…


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Richard Powers: A Rememberance | Simages August 2014

Richard Brian Powers of Oceanside, a novelist, playwright, mime performer, professor and wide-ranging educator and game designer, died peacefully surrounded by family, at his home Thursday, March 27, 2014, of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease. He was…


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How I Became Addicted to Simulation and Games | Simages August 2014

How I Became Addicted to

Simulations and Games

Richard B. Powers


Three outstanding teachers stimulated my interest in alternative methods of education and made me receptive to simulations and games. At my first gaming conference, I discovered the value of simulations and games by playing games rather than by listening to lectures. I found the spirit of play and cooperation at NASAGA and ISAGA conferences refreshing and my games owe a considerable debt to the…


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Learn by Doing | Simages August 2014

Learn by Doing: 

Activity-Based Learning for Contractors, Architects, and Engineers

By Brent Darnell


When I first started with gamification and applied improvisation for learning, I was skeptical.  I warned the participants that this would be out of their comfort zones and they would be uncomfortable.  And guess what?  They WERE uncomfortable.  

So I changed…


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Interview with Ron Stadsklev | Simages Aug. 2014

Spanning the Changes in Game Design

An Interview with Ron Stadsklev

Ron Stadsklev has dedicated his life to the improvement of teaching and learning while using games and simulations. Teacher, professor, mentor and author of Handbook of Simulation Gaming in Social Education, Ron is a visionary who was far ahead of his time in understanding the essential nature of experiential learning.  In the 1970’s he became a pioneer at understanding the link between…


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Free Java Programming Workshop for Girls ages 13-17

As part of my dissertation research, I am providing free one day workshops teaching Java programming to girls ages 13-17 from August 4 - 8th. The location is 2450 Crystal Dr. Arlington, VA 22202.

If you are interested, please register your 13-17 year old at:

Thank you!

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Call for Presenters

I am organizing the Serious Games track of the 2014 SIEGE Conference in Atlanta, hosted by the Georgia Game Developers Association.

I plan to fill the track with sessions about game simulation. I welcome proposals from any industry or academic segment.

If you have designed a good game simulation and would like to tell the world about it, please register as a prospective speaker at, then submit…


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Join us at the ASTD Atlanta for a Special One Day workshop May 29, 2014

Games for Learning: Design, Theory and Facilitation

Full Day Professional Development Workshop

This workshop practices what it preaches. It helps you design and conduct different types of effective training games and activities. Based on 30 years of field research, these design formats enable you to create training faster, cheaper, and better. During the workshop, you…


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Special ISAGA pre-conference workshop on Debriefing Games July 3-4 2014

There will be a special pre-conference workshop at the International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference.

The learning starts when the game stops: Debriefing as the fount of learning from games

the real learning in simulation/game–based education starts when the simulation/ game stops. Learning occurs only if some form of in– or post–game debriefing is accomplished.

The workshop will help you:

understand the…


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Richard Powers

Richard will depart from us soon, in just over a week's time.  You still have a chance to express your admiration, your friendship, your love for this wonderful man and gamer.  He will appreciate it. …


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From the Chair | Simages Feb. 2014

From the Chair

By Anastasia Salter

With the White House opening up a “Games for Impact” site for user discussion and with educators across the country looking at ways to transform their classrooms, games and learning seem to be on everyone’s minds these days. It’s an exciting time to be part of NASAGA, where play and learning have always gone hand in hand.

For the many of you who joined us in Sarasota, Florida for last…


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NASAGA 2014 Call for Participation | Simages Feb. 2014

Be a Player at NASAGA 2014

Baltimore October 8-12, 2014. 

In October 2014 the North American Simulation and Gaming Association Conference will be “Playing Stories, Sharing Worlds: Imagining Games for Learning” in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ll be at the Sheraton City Center near the inner…


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NASAGA 2013 Conference Wrap Up | Simages Feb. 2014

Sarasota 2013 Wrap Up

By Kate Koski

As its organizer, the 2013 conference exceeded my expectations.  The theme was originally conceived as a bridge between play and learning.  But some conversations and workshops at the 2012…


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New NASAGA Board Members | Simages Feb. 2014

New NASAGA Board Members


This year, the board of directors gained five new members to fill the large shoes left behind by so many of our most illustrious NASAGAns. They bring a wide range of experiences to the board, from author to instructional designer, from video producer to undergraduate mentor and trainer. They are passionate about NASAGA and are already moving us forward. We’d like to introduce your new board members:




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NASAGA Awards for 2013 | Simages Feb. 2014

NASAGA Awards for 2013

By Linda Slack

Linda Janette-Slack has been a member of NASAGA for over six years.  This year, Linda joined the board and is looking forward to supporting NASAGA and helping to get the Baltimore conference up and running.  Linda has been in the Organization Development and Training fields for over 30 years, and loves the camaraderie and knowledge she experiences at every NASAGA event.  She holds a B.A. from Strayer…


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