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Sheep and Shepherd | SIMAGES September 2016

 Sheep and Shepherd

By Becky Rice



Using only a whistle, shepherds guide their flock of blind sheep into the pen. This is a challenging team building activity where each team needs to come up with a very good plan to be able to communicate nonverbally.



25 Minutes


Tools/Items required:

Blindfolds for the ‘Sheep’, Whistle for the…


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Serious Games in Graduate Nursing Education | SIMAGES September 2016

Serious Games in Graduate Nursing Education: Considerations for Game Designers

Joshua Peery

At the NASAGA conference in 2015, Joshua Peery presented an academic poster session about his work using a game application to train healthcare workers.  This is a summary of his presentation, – Editor



The Virtual Clinic Learning Environment (VCLE)…


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Get to Know Bernie DeKoven | SIMAGES September 2016

Get to Know Bernie DeKoven

By Chris Saeger


Bernie DeKoven is a leading fun theorist who has shown over the course of his 45 year career how playfulness can positively affect every aspect of personal, interpersonal, community, and institutional health. He will be a keynote presenter at NASAGA 16 in Bloomington IN this October.

Many of the most important trends in games today from large scale community games to casual game apps have roots in Bernie’s…


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Balloons and Pins | SIMAGES September 2016

 Balloons and Pins

By Becky Rice


Quick, fun, and simple, this activity demonstrates the value of team work.  It will get everybody energized and moving around the room and excited about the training.  It can be a great opener for your team building session.


10 Minutes

Tools/Items required:

Balloons (one for each team member), Pins (one for every team member),…


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Whether or Not to Wing it | Simages September 2016

Whether or Not to Wing It

By Brian Remer


Whatever preferences people have about the current race for President in the US, most everyone would agree that the styles of the two major party candidates are completely different.  Hillary Clinton is a detail person accused of delivering a wonkish, scripted message.  Donald Trump shares his broad-brush ideas spontaneously but is accused of being disrespectful. 

Which candidate the public prefers will be decided…


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Wake Up Your Webinar with LOLA and Thiagi--Handout and Recording

Wake Up Your Webinar

Training webinars have replaced Death by PowerPoint as the most B-O-R-I-N-G instructional technique.

In this one hour session Thiagi shared an interactive approach called LOLAs (Live Online Learning Activities) for improving and increasing the level of engagement and effectiveness of virtual classrooms. LOLAs have been field tested in a variety…


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NASAGA Meetup in Baltimore! March 21st. 7pm

Hey Baltimore and D.C. students and professionals! Join NASAGA as we practice what we preach-let’s learn through playing games. Expand your repertoire of learning activities for a wide variety of audiences. Experience team building and communication activities while broadening your network of instructional designers, OD practitioners, facilitators, educators, game designers, trainers, and more.

This event is free, but guest parking at Towson Univesity is $5. Please visit the parking…


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From the Chair | SIMAGES February 2016

From the Chair

by Samantha Knight

Every year the NASAGA conference pushes boundaries and introduces new ideas to all participants. The 2015 conference was no different in that respect, and paved the way for future conferences.

Our adventures in Seattle, led by John Chen and Jeannette Davidson, had us journey into space, gallivant around the city, explore new technology and trends (oculus rift and eSports tournament), compete in a conference game via a conference app…


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NASAGA16 Call for Proposals Is Closed | SIMAGES February 2016

NASAGA Conference 2016 Call for Proposals has Closed

We had a great response to our call for proposals. Thanks to all of you.

Have you ever considered facilitating an interactive session at a gaming and simulation conference? If so, now is your chance to share those experiences and have fun with like minds! We have opened the call for…


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From Zombies to Mathematicians | SIMAGES February 2016

by Damond Crump and Ryan Booth

Damond Crump and Ryan Booth were participants in the Game Design Certificate at the 2015 NASAGA conference in Seattle.  – Editor

As educators we know that a successful middle school mathematician is more likely to become a successful high school and higher-education mathematician. The basic concepts practiced during the middle schools years provide the baseline for success. Data suggests that 8th grade algebra concepts in particular are the…


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Why I Keep Coming Back to NASAGA | SIMAGES 2016

by Beth Levine

I have to be honest.  When I think of NASAGA, my immediate associations are:  love, laughter, learning. 

One might expect learning to be the first association with a professional development organization.  And so it was when I left my first conference in Portland 18 years ago.  I learned at an exponential rate in those early years – about training in general; about learning objectives and interactive designs; about improv and game design. 

 I left that…


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The Evolving SIMAGES Article | SIMAGES February 2016

The Evolving SIMAGES Article

by NASAGA members like you

As a NASAGA member you are invited to play along in the creation of this article.  Here are the rules:

Goal:  Respond to a Question Prompt and add to the body of knowledge

1.) Read the Entries below then choose one or more of the following actions:

  • Write an entry of your own
  • Respond to another person’s Entry
  • Make a guess about who the author is for…

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Greg Koeser Recognized for Lifetime Achievement | SIMAGES February 2016

by Linda Keller

The Ifill/Raynolds Award is a memorial award for outstanding contributions to simulation gaming. Through it, NASAGA recognizes one of its members who develops and/or uses simulation games with joy and serious purpose, in the spirit which NASAGA’s friends and colleagues Don Ifill and Gennie Raynolds brought to all their work, and specifically to their work with simulation gaming. The award recipient’s work should respect and make use of the power and spiritual richness…


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Goals Beyond Competition and Collaboration | SIMAGES February 2016

By Tom Fennewald


Collaborative, competitive, or something else:  which kind of game best fits your needs?

 Using games can make facilitated workshops come alive in ways that are engaging and memorable for participants. Think for a moment about the kinds of games you have enjoyed playing either at or outside of facilitated workshops.

Chances are the kinds of games that came to your mind were either competitive or collaborative—where players had a shared goal and…


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A Solution for “Exam-Based” Education | SIMAGES February 2016

A Solution for “Exam-Based” Education in Hong Kong

by Yeung Siu Kit (Dennis)

As a first time participant of the NASAGA conference, I was very impressed by the exhilarating and affectionate environment. I DID play a lot and learn a lot! Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude towards the 2015 NASAGA conference committee for organizing such a wonderful event!  Also, thanks for inviting me to share my thoughts and research in SIMAGES. --…


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2015 Rising Star Award | SIMAGES February 2016

by Linda Keller


Every year at NASAGA conferences, game designers, consultants, educators and business professionals are exposed to both classic and new strategies for enhancing learning and designing games. This year, we had the opportunity to participate in something new -…


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Using Activity Theory to Design Game-Based Learning Environments |SIMAGES February 2016

Using Activity Theory to Design Game-Based Learning Environments with Intentionality…


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NASAGA15 Scholarships | SIMAGES February 2016

NASAGA 2015 Conference Scholarship Awards

by Becky Rice

NASAGA is a network of professionals working on the design, implementation, and evaluation of games and simulations to improve learning results in education and training. Each year, NASAGA holds an annual conference and awards scholarships for aspiring professionals to attend.  The scholarships pay for the registration fee portion of the recipients’ conference expenses.  This year’s scholarship…


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Ready-to-Use Activity | SIMAGES February 2016

Paper Shapes

by Becky Rice

Here is a quick activity to raise issues around what make for positive…


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Argumente gegen die Bildung zu Hause


Mit diesem können Sie nicht streiten - das Lernen außerhalb der typischen Schule wird sehr lange dauern. Einige Leute denken, dass ein Großteil der Hausunterricht nur für Lehrbüchern findet. Aber in der Tat ist die Herstellung von jeder Lektion erfordert viel Aufwand -, Material zu finden, um einen Zeitplan und planen Aktivitäten zu schaffen. Und um zu Hause zu studieren fort interessanter und effektiver, sollte es zu einer Vielzahl von Aktivitäten gehen…


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