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Argumente gegen die Bildung zu Hause


Mit diesem können Sie nicht streiten - das Lernen außerhalb der typischen Schule wird sehr lange dauern. Einige Leute denken, dass ein Großteil der Hausunterricht nur für Lehrbüchern findet. Aber in der Tat ist die Herstellung von jeder Lektion erfordert viel Aufwand -, Material zu finden, um einen Zeitplan und planen Aktivitäten zu schaffen. Und um zu Hause zu studieren fort interessanter und effektiver, sollte es zu einer Vielzahl von Aktivitäten gehen…


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How to educate children

Possibly you've pondered to yourself, what is the most ideal approach to teach children? As I would see it, on the off chance that I need to answer it, then I say vehemently is on how the folks did the first setting for the early youth advancement. This is on account of involvement in youth has constantly made an impression and impact their improvement into a grown-up.

The principal setting for the early youth improvement that you ought to do is to…


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NASAGA Live Online?--The Takeaways

NASAGA Live Online? Takeaways

Monday, December 14, 2015 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific
We had a great live online session to explore the possibilities for live (and lively) online learning.  We shared some new ideas for creating truly engaging webinars and helped shape NASAGA programs in 2016.

Roger Courville facilitated…


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Check out the NASAGA Training Activity Book

Our members created a terrific collection of training activities. These are tested designs that provide an engaging learning experience on a variety of topics. Read more about our book and take a look…


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Periscope in on the Organizational Design Jam in Hong Kong

 NASAGANs James Bishop and Jimbo Clark will be periscoping from the Innovation Tower at HK PolyU with consultants, leaders and academics from around Asia.  Their quest?  To co-design new processes for organizational change.

The event is co-sponsored by the Co-Creation Institute and Brains on the Beach (affectionately known as BoB). BoB is a gathering of freaks geeks and outliers who are committed to improving the level of collaboration between external and internal agents of…


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From the Chair | SIMAGES July 2015

From the Chair

By Melissa Peterson

Since joining the board of NASAGA one of my driving goals has been to create online experiences and leverage social media in ways that allow us all to engage with NASAGA year-round. From this goal, #NASAGAchat was born, and while ultimately it was not sustainable, it taught us that our most compelling conversations happened when we brought in an expert to…


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Gamification Buzz | SIMAGES July 2015

Register today.

Getting Buzzed on Games since 1962

NASAGA is one of the longest running gaming conferences in the world…


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Start Goofing Around | SIMAGES July 2015

Start Goofing Around

Play by Stuart Brown

Reviewed by Brian Remer


When I saw the one-word title of Stuart Brown's book, Play, at the book store, I had to pick it up. And when I read the subtitle, “How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul,” I simply had to buy it. With stories and…


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The Original Play Scholar | SIMAGES July 2015

The Original Play Scholar

By Brian Remer

Brian Sutton-Smith was a scholar of play – one of the first, in fact.  Born in New Zeeland, he studied psychology and eventually landed in the United States where he taught and conducted research at several universities including Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Columbia University Teachers College and eventually the University of Pennsylvania.  He studied children’s spontaneous play but also made connections…


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National Institute for Play | SIMAGES July 2015

National Institute for Play

A Repository for Research on the Power of Play

By Linda Keller

Year after year during networking opportunities at our NASAGA Conferences, discussions turn to the same topic – how do we make learning through games or playful activities credible to our clients? WE know it works, but for many of our clients it sounds frivolous or risky. The National Institute for Play, I am delighted to report, offers us the resources, data and…


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Playing Works! | SIMAGES July 2015

Playing Works!

By Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan


Here’s a quick word-association test:  When I say “work” what words pop into your mind?

Think of a few words before you continue reading.


My survey shows that the words people think of are typically associated with work.  Examples are:  pressure, boredom, deadlines, chores, office, salary, drudgery, nine-to-five, overtime, and goals.

What words do you think of when I say “play”? …


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Webinar Recording: Pursuing Playfulness With Bernie De Koven

Pursuing Playfulness…


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Motivation in Play | SIMAGES July 2015

Motivation in Play

By Brian Remer

Why do we play?  The simple answer is because it’s fun.  But it’s not so easy to describe why something is fun.  Even activities that look like work, digging a hole, for example, might be fun depending on who’s digging with you, how many stones are in the way, or whether you are digging for treasure.

I think, ultimately, play is fun because it can tap into any combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

 We are all…


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Ready to Use Activity | SIMAGES July 2015

NASAGA member Veronica Brown shares one of her favorite teaming activities, Team Attributes. Through a process of individual reflection and small group discussion, participants are challenged to share and compare their ideas about attributes of an effective team with other participants in this ready-to-use activity. Here are the highlights of the activity and a link to the complete facilitator guide the includes the handouts.

Team Attributes…


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Note from the Chair |SIMAGES February 2014

Note From the Chair

Mellissa Peterson

It doesn’t seem that long ago that our former Chair, Greg Koeser, was inviting me to my very first NASAGA Conference. We were in the middle of a game of DIXIT at a conference which focused on digital training games and gamification. At the time, I had no idea how much impact that one game would end up having for me – I have not missed a NASAGA Conference since!

I have noticed that many of us have similar tales of…


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NASAGA Awards for 2014

NASAGA Awards for 2014

By Linda Slack

NASAGA was very proud to present Ron Stadsklev with the Ifill-Raynolds Award and Jacob Mayiani for the Rising Star Award for 2014.

The Ifill-Raynolds Award, which is a memorial award given for outstanding contributions to simulation and gaming, recognizes one of our members who develops or uses simulation games with joy and serious purpose. This is in the spirit of the NASAGA members it was named for Don Ifill and…


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Getting Wild with Goose Chase | SIMAGES February 2015

Getting Wild with Goose Chase

By Brent Darnell

As part of the entertainment during the gala at the last NASAGA conference, we played a game called GOOSE CHASE. It’s a very simple app-based game. The steps to set this up are easy:

  1. Download the free Goose Chase application at
  2. Set up “missions” that attendees can accomplish. Each mission has points associated with it. The…

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The Gamer Society: An ARG | SIMAGES February 2015

The Gamer Society:  An Alternate Reality Game 

Anastasia Salter

Note: As the organizer of NASAGA’s Baltimore conference in 2014, Anastasia Salter took on many responsibilities to insure the multi-day event was both informative and playful.  Here she describes an alternate reality game she developed for the…


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The Long Game: An Approach to Game Design | Simages February 2015

The Long Game: An Approach to Game Design

By Veronica Brown

In an episode of Orange is the New Black (season 2, #7), Vee (the mentor) and Suzanne (the protégé) are playing chess. Vee baits Suzanne into capturing a pawn. Vee says, “You keep taking out all the targets in front of you, but you’ve got to think ahead, Suzanne. If you move there, what’ll I do?” Vee captures Suzanne’s knight. “It’s called the long game.”

That scene brought…


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Interview with Mohamed Bahgat | SIMAGES February 2015

Mohamed Bahgat, First-Time NASAGA Participant

An Interview by Linda Keller

Bahgat is the founder of SeGa Team which focuses on learning and performance improvement through simulation and educational gaming activities. With a background in Systems Engineering and Educational Psychology, he consults in the Middle East and other international regions as a master coach and facilitator. This was Mohamed’s first NASAGA conference. He agreed to debrief his experience at the…


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