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I'm late in hearing about this, but based on the National Novel Writing Month craze, there is a National Game Designing Month that has been "organized" ( 


I have my ideas for new game designs, but lack the external (maybe artificial) drive to complete the designs. This might jump start me to knock off one of my game ideas into a prototype in a month. If I do, I'll try to give progress on this site and on twitter (@gkoeser) and with the tag #NaGaDeMon (which is the tag people are using). 


I have two thoughts about this:

 - I read once that if you want to be a novelist, you should first write a bad novel. That is don't use your "great idea" on this novel, but start writing everyday and use any overdone trope you need to for continuing the story, but getting you in the habit of writing daily and writing with some arcs being concluded. Then you should go through a self-editing pass of rereading your printed work and get used to hacking out a chapter or two that didn't move the story. The big thing is that you don't really show this "bad" work to others, but use the experience to write your real masterpiece.  I think this could go the same way for a game designer (though I'm pretty good at making bad (flawed) game designs without trying for bad).  The experience of going from an idea to a rapid prototype with rules could be really good for me as I seem to otherwise take years for my "great ideas" to be made.


- After one NASAGA a few years ago, after going through the game design preconference track, me and a fellow attender decided to keep each other accountable with a monthly 30 minute call to see if we were working on our designs and moving them forward. We kept it up for about 8 months before it petered out, but the idea of NASAGA accountability for fellow game designers sounds like a good thing and something we should encourage.


Greg Koeser

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Greg, by posting this message, in the middle of the month no less, you prove your demonic nature.  

You win.



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