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Quite a number of you have seen our board game simulation(s) so I thought you might like to hear that we have just released an iPad app that displays real-world financial results (for Fotune 500 companies) in our game board format. (You can see more at

The app is still a simulation. I like Thiagi's definition of a simulation:

"Technically speaking, a simulation is a representation of the objects, characteristics, behaviors, and relationship of one system through the use of another system. For example, a model of an office building uses pieces of wood to represent iron, glass, and concrete structures. A computer program uses algebraic equations and graphs to simulate the air traffic at O’Hare airport. "

but the app is a very different format and purpose

  • board game vs online
  • cartoon vs real world
  • active vs passive
  • teaching vs information

So now I am wondering about how to utilize our app within the simulation.  Does anyone have experience with, or suggestions for, blending experiential learning/simulations with information modeling/technology?


income-outcome business simulations

putting PEOPLE in the game

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